A Great Show – Art Naturally Exhibition @ The Westin in Pune

A lot has happened since we last updated these pages. The most significant event was certainly the successful launch of the Art Naturally Collection for India, celebrated with a wonderful exhibition in the lofty upper lobby space of the Westin Hotel in Pune Koregaon Park. The remarkable amount of positive feedback is very encouraging for us to consider a repeated public display in the future.

Below some echo from the press.

PuneNews cityscape Article on Art Naturally and Art of Science exhibition in the Westin Pune Koregaon Park


Indian Express Article on Art Naturally and Art of Science exhibition in the Westin Pune Koregaon Park

YouniQ Trends and Productions Pvt Ltd takes over

YouniQ Trends and Productions Pvt Ltd has been successfully entered into the ROC as the new entity to continue the business of Youniq Consultancy Services.

Youniq Consultancy Services was initially formed as a partnership between the two entrepreneurs Shiva Maheshwar and Michel Mosca with the aim to render qualified marketing and business strategic services to an international clientele aspiring to enter the Indian market.

Our commitment to excellence and our focus on the creation of win3 situations has made this formation a logical and necessary step. We do not want to rest on our laurels but instead aim at an even higher level of professionalism and expanded range of services.

YouniQ remains unique

To represent our new form and to spread our message we are currently working on redesign and relaunch of our CD and company website. Our core values are remaining unchanged – loyalty (You), an outstanding level of service (unique) and intelligent action (iQ).

Our gratitude goes to all our esteemed clients and partners who have been with us in the past and have helped us to evolve. We are looking forward to being of service to you also in the future!

YouniQ ties up with UK based Art Naturally

YouniQ has tied up with the Cambridge (UK) based contemporary science art edition Art Naturally to launch their art collection in the Indian market. Art Naturally is dedicated to the promotion of scientific images as artworks and to so fill in a gap between science and arts.

The Art Naturally edition currently features the works of the highly accredited photomicrographer Spike Walker, a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and winner of the Combined Royal Medical Colleges Medal in 2010 for his ‘outstanding contribution to photography and its application in the service of medicine’. Spike Walker has held the Royal Microscopical Society’s Glauert Medal since 1982 and many of his images have achieved wide recognition, such as the prestigious Wellcome Image Awards.

Corporate Art and Private Art Lovers

YouniQ will showcase these astounding artworks through public and private exhibitions and render consultancy and creative services to a progressive clientele in corporate and educational arts, the hospitality industry and demanding personal interior design.

Art Naturally Corporate Art
An impressive range of images, formats and panels allow for a rich choice to suit any particular purpose, and a dedicated bespoke design service will allow us to respond even to the most extravagant requests. The printing and production of the high quality artworks will be done with state of the art equipment and materials in Art Naturally’s atelier in the UK in order to guarantee highest quality work.

The official launch of the collection in India is expected to happen in the second half of 2012.

YouniQ acquires Delance Watches distribution

We are proud to announce the successful acquisition of distribution rights of the premium ladies watch line of Delance Watches Switzerland for India.

The Esperanza Model from Swiss Delance Watches for LadiesDelance Watches are distinctly designed to meet the dreams of the modern successful women. They come with a high degree of customization options and therefore require special attention to customer care and service. While Delance Switzerland also provides a line of models that are suitable for a more conventional off the shelf promotion, the brand’s main focus lies on catering to their client’s individual wishes.

Delance Watches expected in India in h/2 2012

YouniQ’s creative proposal as how to tackle a wider distribution over the Indian subcontinent as well as our high level of commitment to render an excellent service was warmly received. Delance luxury watches for women are expected to be available for purchase in India in the second half of 2012 and will certainly be an enrichment for the basket of brands targeting a predominantly male clientele in India.

We at YouniQ are very excited about this new challenge and the opportunity to work with this top of the line watchmaking house. We are proud to help Delance find a smooth entry into the Indian market and to contribute our expertise to successfully establish the Delance Watches brand.