LAXMI by Delance

The Collection

By its soft lines and delicate curves, the DELANCE Watch tells us the story of women all over the world since the beginning of time. Always the same, yet so different and unique, the DELANCE Watch suits every culture, every tradition, every woman…

This time it is all about India! For a remarkable Indian woman DELANCE has created an original and inspiring collection: The “Laxmi” by Delance series of jewelery watches.

Devotedly revered and worshiped, Laxmi is the divine mother. She represents good fortune, prosperity, health, royal power and glory. Laxmi is incarnated in various forms and is known under different names..

The eight-pointed star of Laxmi (Ashtalaxmi), formed by two pivoted squares, the lotus and the crimson color are the best known emblems of the goddess Laxmi.

Each watch of the “Laxmi” collection is dedicated to one of the Goddess’s appearances and symbolizes one of her supreme qualities.

Laxmi by Delance Steel Collection

Gaja Laxmi by Delance Watches Switzerland

Gaja Laxmi

Steel worth Gold
A true steel sculpture with lines both audacious and subtle, this Watch is a symbol of women’s talent and energy. It will suit every woman no matter the country or the culture she lives in.

Ashta Laxmi by Delance Watches Switzerland

Ashta Laxmi

Unique shape
Unique, always the same but at the same time different, the watch tells the story of the woman wearing it. Often gifted to her by her beloved, the watch becomes a symbol of love and the expression of their love story.

Indira Laxmi by Delance Watches Switzerland

Indira Laxmi

Origin of the world
“Indira” is one of the names of Lakshmi the goddess of wealth. This watch created as a most wonderful gift for a woman to acknowledge her significance.

Laxmi by Delance Gold Collection

Padma Laxmi by Delance Watches Switzerland

Padma Laxmi

The DELANCE Watch tells the story of the woman who wears it. Its forms and lines express the universal values shared by women all over the world.

Shri Laxmi by Delance Watches Switzerland

Shri Laxmi

Eternal love
Also called Shri, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth prosperity and the embodiment of beauty.
The DELANCE “Shri” is a wonderful gift, saying: “This time is yours”.

Mahalaxmi by Delance Watches Switzerland


Magic creation
Brilliant as gold, majestic as the moon, this watch shines like the sun, and glows like a fire. Diamonds of different sizes artistically set around the dial transform this watch into a sublime diamond sculpture for an empress.