Exhibition – The Art of Science

A dazzling collection of contemporary art from the UK
– “The Art of Science” for the first time on display in India!

YouniQ publicly showcases a variety of the amazing artworks from the British arts edition, Art Naturally, during an exclusive exhibition from February 7 – 10, 2013. The lofty Tilting Arts Gallery in Ishanya, Pune, will provide the perfect ambiance for the indulgence into these lively creations.

Entanglement by Art Naturally - Voge Acrylic Panoramic vertical

From an invisible world

With these exhibits, Art Naturally provides an insight into a fascinating world normally hidden from the human eye. This is the real world seen close up – and what we see is a place of extraordinary subtlety and astounding beauty. All works in this edition are created in a scientific process from objects of minuscule scale. By capturing these objects through the lens of a microscope and viewing them at a size thousands times larger, these objects begin to reveal their amazing splendour and to cast their magic spell.

'Lava Lamp' (sulphur crystals) by Spike Walker - edition Art Naturally

Where Art meets Science

These remarkable visuals are created by an Artist with a name and laurels in the scientific world: Spike Walker is a highly accredited photomicrographer and fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. For his work he was awarded the Society’s Combined Royal Medical Colleges Medal and he also holds the Royal Microscopical Society’s Glauert Medal. His work has achieved a remarkable tally of 24 awards from the Wellcome Trust’s Image Awards. Spike’s passion for the camera and the microscope has lasted for more than 60 years since his boyhood.

Format, not just size!

Art Naturally has selected the most stunning images and designed for them a line of distinct frames and panels in a variety of shades. It may surprise to observe that each image corresponds differently with each framing. The format and the color of the border thus become an integral part of the creation and allow to adapt the artwork perfectly to the tone of its surroundings. The exhibition “The Art of Science” will display the artworks in different formats and panel colours, offering you a veritable journey of discovery.

'Snow Goose' (quinidine crystals) Offset on Sapphire Blue Acrylics Voge - Image: Spike Walker / Art Naturally

Mind-boggling variety

The current collection allows for a great number of possible combinations of images, formats and panel colors. The exhibition will feature a choice of the most attractive compositions.

Multidimensional Art

The works in the collection of Art Naturally can really be considered a form of multidimensional art, as they stimulate the senses, appeal to the emotions and feed the intellect too. Each image features an inspiring title, a substantial description of the object as well as an interesting description of the process used to create it. The exhibition is therefore not only entertaining, but also educating. It provides enough material for inspired interpretation and excited discussion.

Unique and Individual

This exclusive exhibition is brought to you by YouniQ in cooperation with Aperture India and the Tilting Art Gallery. It is meant for those individuals who value distinct creative work and who are curious to explore a new aesthetic realm. It is highly recommended not to miss this exhibition.


The opening of the exhibition will take place on Friday February 8th, 7pm.

Please tune into the exhibition with this short video depicting some of the astounding images:

Registration and Timings

The Exhibition is public and does not require your registration.

The Exhibition will open its doors on February 7th, at 11 am and will be open daily from 11 am to 9 pm. It ends on Sunday, Februar 10th, 9 pm.