The Time For Women

Laxmi - Goddess of Good Fortune and ProsperityA watch can be more than just a device to indicate time –
it can be a device to indicate THE time.

The feminine watches by Delance Switzerland are individually crafted with this very thought in mind – they account for their possessors most precious good: her TIME. Time cannot be replaced – once gone, it’s gone. Time runs, and although it never runs out, it wants to be used in the best possible manner not to go to waste. With time we measure the finite against the infinite.

Delance Switzerland - Gold Standard Brand Logo
That’s why Delance has created this astounding collection of multi-dimensional timepieces. Delance watches allow for a high degree of personalization in order to symbolize the individual quality of time. Everyone’s time is different. Time is perceived from a chain of instants which are unique to the person experiencing them.
Delance Watch - Model New Life Gold Diamonds

Ladies only

Delance Watches are
exclusively available to the ladies – and with full intent. It’s not a shortcoming of this brand to cater only to women, but a strength: While other female watches are most often just scaled down and serialized versions of their larger male counterparts, Delance watches are emphasizing individuality and the female archetype.

In line with Swiss watchmaking tradition, with the best design and engineering skills and under application of stringent ethical and sustainable principles, Delance Switzerland is creating an outstanding symbol of prosperity, of female strength, creativity and talent. All raw materials used in their intricate production – such as the gold and the diamonds – are sourced from environmentally and socially responsible sources.

You can select your genuine birthstone to crown your co-created watch and to mark your presence on this planet and your origin on the time line of eternity.

A truly timeless piece indicating THE time for women – unmatched in elegance and intrinsic value!