Conscious Indulgence

Mahatma Gandhi - be the change that you wish to see in the worldWe are living in challenging times:

Credit crunch, poverty, violence, energy crisis, environmental destruction…

Can we still enjoy our lives? Can we afford and justify to indulge in luxuries? Can we feel good about ourselves when millions of people live at the edge and have to cope with scarcity?

Tough questions!

We have a choice: We can turn a blind eye to the ‘evils’ – or we can embrace the challenge and invest ourselves into the cause of bringing about change.

The great Mahatma Gandhi once said:

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Now, we are not all like Gandhi. Not everyone wants to renounce the world and its temptations, or dedicate his entire life to a greater cause.

Yet, we all can contribute in our unique way to make this world a better place!

Instead of avoiding problems as such, we can consider them as unresolved tasks and see where we have something to contribute to accomplish the objective.

Wealth does not require scarcity in order to exist. Prosperity does not require poverty in order to exist. Abundance is one of nature’s principles – by turning back and learning from nature (of which we are part) and by nourishing a vision of the greater good, we can enter a new paradigm and turn this world into the place it ought to be.

  • Consume wisely
  • Indulge consciously
  • Share generously
  • Inspire greatly

In our vision, luxury is not about carats and price – it’s about value and worth. It’s a reward for a contribution. It’s not about showing off – it’s about showing a way