Art of Science

Artnaturally Artwork by Spike Walker - Carneval - format TryptichWith the term ‘Art of Science’ a scientist would refer to his particular skill. We refer with it to our stunning artworks that mother nature herself has created and that could only be made visible with the help of science.

Small is beautiful…

…Spike Walker, renowned photomicrographer (a photographer of microscopic objects) has a passion for the beauty of small things. He has created a collection of incredibly beautiful images and came to fame through them. His work earned him many awards, among them a remarkable tally of 24 from the Wellcome Image Awards.

Spike Walker Photomicrographer and ArtistThe artist is a fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and he was awarded the Society’s Combined Royal Medical Colleges Medal in 2010 for his ‘outstanding contribution to photography and its application in the service of medicine’. Spike Walker has held the Royal Microscopical Society’s Glauert Medal since 1982.

UK based Art Naturally, the international license holder for his photographs, has created a collection of overwhelming contemporary artworks. Their advanced printing technology and 15 years of experience in image processing render the printed images with durable and brilliant lively colors and in an immaculate crisp clear resolution even at a very large scaling.

Art Naturally famous British Arts Collection Logo

But that’s just the beginning. Art Naturally has designed a range of exciting formats and matching colorful acrylic panels that accentuate the gorgeous images even more. The choice is almost overwhelming: the images, formats and panel colors of our standard range allow for over 8,000 (!) possible combinations.

Art Naturally Collection Sample - blue room setting - Image format cubix
And if that’s not enough – the option for special bespoke design can satisfy even the most unusual demands. Be it multi-panel designs, very large scale printing, image in image rendering, printing on various materials (such as glass, ceramics or textile) or eccentric geometrical panel formats – all is possible. Limits are just your available wall space and your fantasy!

Art Naturally corporate art - bespoke design

Express yourself (and impress others)!

This extensive collection has the right piece of art for your space. You can transform any boring wall into a breathtaking sight, match any shade and color nuance of your existing interiors and impress your visitors – and besides: the included acrylic card with the image description printed on it is a wonderful conversation starter!